Transfers from / to Red Sea
from / to Aswan or Luxor

With private limousine (and driver with 2-3 persons):

Luxor - Marsa Alam (5 hours): 165 USD
Luxor - El Quesir (6 hours): 145 USD
Luxor - Hurghada (5 hours): 145 USD
Luxor - El Gouna (6 hours): 160 USD

Aswan - Marsa Alam (7 hours): 230 USD
Aswan - El Quesir (7 hours): 230 USD
Aswan - Hurghada (9 hours): 230 USD
Aswan - El Gouna (10 hours): 235 USD

With private microbus (and driver with up to 8 persons):

Luxor - Marsa Alam (5 hours): 190 USD
Luxor - El Quesir (6 hours): 175 USD
Luxor - Hurghada (5 hours): 175 USD
Luxor - El Gouna (6 hours): 190 USD

Aswan - Marsa Alam (7 hours): 280 USD
Aswan - El Quesir (7 hours): 285 USD
Aswan - Hurghada (9 hours): 280 USD
Aswan - El Gouna (10 hours):
285 USD

Please note:

Prices are for the service and not for each person. They include the driver and vehicle driving go and return, one way is empty as there are no other guests waiting on the other destination for the same tour. The driver has to stay overnight for a break to make it safe go and return. The price also includes permissions, that are requested from the tourist police to be bought for you.

The given timings are guesstimates and depend on the traffic. Of course the driver also can drive slower to your request or have breaks on the way.

The car or microbus is always "yours" only. No foreign tourist will share "your" car and driver. You will NOT be brought to any souvenir-, alabaster- perfume, papyrus-, brass- or other shop to waste your time and money there (which is the usual habit from other travel agencies in order to get some extra money by collecting commissions).

Waleed needs copies of your passports, to get transfer permissions from the tourist police for you. You can send scans to Aswan-Individual as jpg or pdf in advance, so all papers are finished on the day of your trip.

Please understand that the tourist police requests you to arrive before sunset (usually 6 pm) and not to start before sunrise (about 6 am).
There is no restaurant on the way, which is recommended. It is better to bring a lunch box, sandwiches or the like - and don't forget a bottle of water. But please, don't eat while driving, as the driver has to return the car in a clean state without chocolate or oranges glueing on seats or milk being spilled over sitting areas.

If you should not be an independent traveler, but have a contract with a tour operator (= flight and hotel booked with them instead direct by yourself), no other travel agent is allowed to pick you up. You would have to book the tour with your tour operator because they claim safety and insurance reasons.

Also because of tourist regulations, Aswan Individual can take you to the Red Sea or pick you up to take you to Luxor or Aswan (if you are an independent traveler). But at the Red Sea we cannot help you with local transfers (f. ex. from Red-Sea-hotel to Red-Sea-airport or assist with the Red Sea ferry, etc.)

If you want to give a tip, the driver will be happy to receive about 100 EGP for serving you one day.

If you are looking for a transfer from Aswan to Luxor only, or Luxor - Aswan, please click this website for all options.

"We enjoy both transferts Louxor to Aswan and Kombolo to Marsalam with good cars and nice drivers for a safe, confortable and fast services.
We meet Waleed at Aswan, I appreciate his friendly contact and it was good to know that he follow us day by day with his mobile taking care about our comfort!"
Paul (France, 30th March 2013)