Crocodile Island on Lake Nasser

"Would you like to come with us to Crocodile Island? Its an island on Lake Nasser, and the beach looks like Hurghada ..."
Hurghada on Lake Nasser?

Helmy had chartered a minibus with 9 friends of his, and there was still space for the child and me.
The child ...
"Isn’t it dangerous to go there? Aren’t there crocodiles?" "No, no, when there are people, the crocodiles stay away. There are deckchairs, sunshades, a bar, we will have lunch (fried fish, rice and salad), you can go for a swim, the water is beautiful ..."

And it is! Crocodile Island has the cleanest beach I have ever seen in my life! No wonder. Crocodile Island is not very known to "usual tourists", the water is clean enough to drink, these tourists which come are mostly interested in fishing safaris and used not to litter the environment.

We left Aswan at 10.30 a.m., drove past highdam, had a view on Kalabsha temple, we had to show our passports at the harbour, a motorboat was waiting for us. I think it took us a little more than half an hour to arrive there. The bar and the sunshades really look like the ones in Hurghada, but this is the only resemblance to this crowded place at Red Sea.

As promised, we didnt meet crocodiles or scorpions. Maybe because there was also a school outing there that day. Nabil, who is working on crocodile island, sais, usually you can watch the crocodiles come at sunset. Its a tourist attraction, there is no need to be afraid. Anyway, we saw small alligators there in terrariums, and dead crocodiles as decoration inside the bar, which was sufficient for me and the child.

Please bring your passport and bathing suit!

Whilst lacking in reptilian sightings (except for a couple of stuffed examples) the trip to Crocodile Island was certainly a magical experience. Crossing the azure waters of the lake the journey to the island took approximately 30 minutes. My only companions, other then the obliging boatman, were two young betrothed couples who revelled in the (perhaps rare) experience of freedom and chatted excitedly and played around splashing water amongst themselves as they went.

The arrival was a stunning experience: A tranquil desert island complete with a beautiful sandy cove overlooked by a pleasant and sheltered dining area. (If your going don't forget your swimming gear).I was served with an excellent meal (included with the cost of the trip) which included several types of fresh fish, local vegetables and rice. Apparently, depending on the time of day, you are sometimes served tea and cakes instead.

You stay on the island for about an hour or so just relaxing and enjoying the glorious view or, alternatively, paddling or swimming in the clear and inviting water.I returned to the mainland suitably refreshed and untroubled, enjoying the cool breeze to my face and the sounds of the lapping water as I reclined at the back of the boat.A small taste of paradise and a brief but welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Aswan
Andy (South Wales, January 2009)


We went to Crocodile Island on Lake Nasser, we had 3 fish each, freshly caught in the lake that day, and you could watch the sun set over the lake. Absolutly majical and peacful. For most of our stay at the restaurant/island we were the only visitors on the island. It was very expensive though. If you want details PM me.
Phil (Phil900 writing in tripadvisor: May 18, 2010)






Car / minibus to marina (near highdam), with motorboat to Crocodile Island:

Spend the day or afternoon on the island (as long as you like),
see crocdiles - (without guarantee!), have lunch
(two kinds of salad, fish, rice and bred):
35 USD each person

(Minimum 2 persons!)