Aswan Musem

Examination of an ancient Egyptian settlement
of the late 4th millenium BC to the early medieval period

Two museums* plus excavation site: large, interesting, breathtaking.
Making me speechless on this website except for one advice:
go there, travel through time ...
Qualitfied informations you will find at:

* Museums are closed - see first picture in right colum

Photo of a sign from the German Institute of Archaeology showing the survey of the excavation site and naming the buildings
Photo from west to east with the Nubian villages of Elephantine in the background
Above - left: Nilometer, middle: sunset looking south, right top: view to west, right below: looking east

Below: Inside the first of two museums: Beautiful handicrafts thousands of years old and mumifications

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Aswan Museum


If someone will explain to you inside the museums, its nice to have small change give him a tip