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Get you from airport, trainstation
or other transfers by car or motorboat for you

As soon as you need any kind of transfer: call us and we will be there to fetch you from the airport, train- or busstation to bring you to the place you stay or to drive you around wherever you like to go. With whatever kind of transportation you like (within security-laws) between Luxor, Edfu, Komombo, Aswan or Abu Simbel.

Hotels and Holiday Flats
With link to tripadvisor reviews and other advices

Nile Cruises
Travel and explore while enjoying luxury of a swimming 4- or 5-stars cruiser. With last-minute-offers you can travel from Aswan to Luxor (or Luxor to Aswan) which will take 2 nights with stops at the temples of Komombo and Edfu on the way.

Felucca or motorboat
varying from half-day-excursion to more-day-travels.
For crossing the river Nile or not to be dependend on the wind motorboats can be used.

Trains in Egypt
Maybe all your answers about travelling by train will be answered by this link. Of course we are not responsible for the information you will find on external websites.

Some advices concerning traveling by bus.


Informations in case you intend to hire and negotiate
a horse carriage or camel riding
(not the responsibility of Aswan Individual)

Horse carriages:
please read some advices if you are interested to rent a horse carriage in Aswan / Luxor
or about care for horses about Brooke-Hospital
and make sure the price you negotiate with horse carriage drivers are in Egyptian (not British!) Pounds, the price is for the carriage and not for each person, the first hour costs the same like the second hour and choose drivers that have clean and well-fed horses and praise them for care of their horse and tell them that their wellfed horse is the reason you chose them!

Riding camels and donkeys ...
In case you feel safer on an animal less high, donkeys are offered. A special fun for children!
And if you prefer this kind of transportation, visit the camel market to take one home as a nice souvenir :o)
Camelride to Monastery of Simeon only
Camelriding from Tombs of the Nobles to Monastery (or vice versa)
Riding a camel to a Nubian Village: Sahel Village (not advised)
Camel market in Daraw (transfer by car, no camelriding)


Last advices before you leave to Egypt


Any other questions? Please contact us.

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